“As a child I was very curious”
November 8, 2017 App Interview

Dez talks about her childhood and the people who have been a big part of it

Tianna and Jazmyne

We talked a lot about personalities and Tianna’s past

Abby and Mom

My mom talked to me about her career, her life when she was a teenager, and important people in her life.

Grandaddy’s Life

My grandpa, Ike Wilson, told me about his life in the airforce throughout the Vietnam War. He also told me about his life and family.

Sharing the gift of life

Sarah shares her struggles about hiding her teen pregnancy and her experience with adoption

Growing up in a digital world

An interview talking about the evolution of media technology and mass communication over the course of 20 years. As well as discussing other media technology and communication questions.

All bout me!

This interview was about me through a mother’s eyes.

Success/Failure Interview 01/27/19

During this interview, my father discussed his perception on “success” and “failure.”

Interview of my Mom

I just wanted to know a little bit about my mother’s life when she was a child and before I was born. Had questions from her childhood to school and her life as a young adult.

How communication evolved over my lifetime – a MASC 101 project

Professor Rader describes her relationship with forms of communication and media over the years.

Life as a Military Spouse

Mrs. Morelli, a military spouse and mother of 2 teens, talks about being a military spouse and the challenges of living in the modern world.

Part 1- Sophia Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman

December 10th, 2017, Sophia Bauserman Interviews her dad, Russell Bauserman in Ashburn, Virginia. He is asked questions about his favorite memories of the past. Some questions are answered about his teen years and some are answered about his childhood. His...

Practice interview Anna

I’m interviewing my friend Anna who is in my English, creative writing, and Econ

Blake Hiergesell

We talked about her inspirations, happy memories, and ways to get through life.

Ricardo’s Rememberance

A 6 year old girl talking with her 17 year old sister about a tragic death in the family.

In Home Devices

Courtney and I talked about in home devises.

My mom

I chose to ask my mom a few questions to get to know her childhood a little more

Fritz Kling and Robin Sparkman

One Small Step conversation partners Fritz Kling (61) and Robin Sparkman (51) discuss their political differences and similarities.