Origin of the Manchester Volunteer Rescue Squad in Chesterfield, VA

This is an interview with Kenneth E. Lankey, Jr. on how his dad (Kenneth Eugene Lankey), uncle William “Jiggs” Perkins, and their neighbor and retired policeman Mr. Davis started the Manchester Volunteer Rescue squad in Chesterfield, VA in 1954.

Siblings mean so much more!

Me, Surafel Kebede, and my sister, Bette Kebede, had thought provoking conversation on our life and experiences.

interviewing kerry cole

this was about my mom life and everything about her and it was also about me and the traits i got from her and how i am like her.

Brad and Dad

I learned about my dads childhood and what he endured all the way to meeting my mom and having me.

Justin Ferrell and Elsabe Dixon

Justin (26) and Ina (26) talk about their work at the Danville Regional Foundation and how they want to contribute in making Danville a better place to live.

Two Families, One Love
December 2, 2020 App Interview

My aunt Nay Nay was adopted when she was six years old. I sat down with her for an interview to ask her about her experience with not only her biological family, but life with her adoptive family as well.

FriendFamsgiving 2019

A group of friends and significant others gather for their first Friendsgiving to reflect and chat.


We talked about mainly his childhood along with his work career.

The Discussion of Feminism with Daisah Boyd

Daisah Boyd speaks on her opinion of feminism and what it means to be a feminist.

Chief Kevin Aviles

Chief Aviles talks about his time before his time in the Navy, during, and after the military.

Marcus and my grandfather

My grandfather talks about his experience in the military. I learned a lot from him, and he gave insightful information.

Forgive the Unforgivable and You Get Your Life Back

Mrs. Patricia Britz discusses her life experiences and explains how learning to forgive others has contributed to her improved life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Will Keating

In this interview my mom and I dive into her fun and exciting childhood!

Interviewing Nana

We spoke about family and how important it is. We also spoke about business and how she grew up.

BAMF Mother Goes From Executive Chef To Studying For Law Enforcement

An interview with my second mom who has done a 360 in her career path. Originally an executive chef and after the pandemic, has started studying to go into law enforcement to bring justice

Dabney Dwyer and Jana Jackson

Dabney Dwyer (64) talks with her friend Jana Jackson (60) about their respective childhoods and what it was like for them to go through school desegregation in the 1960’s: Dabney was in high school in Roanoke, VA and Jana was...