Interviewing Lorna Brown

Lorna Brown, lifelong Vermonter, talks about her experience growing up during WWII and differences between her life and the lives of her grandchildren

Interviewing my super young, glowing, Grandfather

Sara McCusker, 15 years old, interviewed her grandfather Joseph McCusker, 88, at his home in Manchester, Vermont. Sara wanted to know about his childhood, youth, and adulthood, including what he remembers about raising her father.

Lauren & Gary Howe: "Hold up your hand. How many fingers do you have? If you die & have that many people in your life, you're a wealthy man"

Lauren Howe (29) talks with her dad, Gary Howe (70) about his childhood growing up in Western Massachusetts, his experience in the military during the Vietnam War, meeting his wife (Theresa Howe), and his naturalist and artistic tendencies throughout the...

interviewing my mom

In this interview my mom thought of two of her most influential people in her life.

Gary Ross and Dan Ross

Gary (38) and Dan (50) talk about their relationship under Don't Ask Don't tell (DADT), their wedding seconds after the law was repealed and life after making their relationship public.

Interview with George Merkel; Coach and Cheif of Police

My Interview with George Merkel, a former Army guardsman and current Cheif of Police in Vergennes Vermont. He is also my Lineman Coach for football.

Homework with brittni

She talks about her past jobs and new response responsibilities

Farm Chores

Lucille and Harold Carpenter grew up in the northernmost part of Vermont on dairy and maple sugar farms. This interview covers their experience and some of their childhood chores.

Kyra pronounced kyyyyyra

Dillon moss is extremely exquisite and really great in this so u should listen and learn

Heidi Rockwell and Dr. Jessie Leyse, MD. "It's Been a Long Year."

Heidi Rockwell: 2020-11-29 01:53:02 Heidi Rockwell (51) talks with her niece Dr. Jessie Leyse (37) about her journey to become an Infectious Disease physician and how that path has prepared her to address 2020's Covid-19 global pandemic.

Two Close Calls

The worst car accidents my dad’s been in took place only two months apart.

Interview with my Dad, Mike

I decided to interview my Dad (Mike) for a school assignment. Growing up he was always sharing stories and advice with me and my siblings (Kyle, Jack, and Anna). My dad is an incredibly influential person in my life and...

River McNeely-Wiersema (6) interviews his great-grandmother Rina Pullia (85)

River McNeely-Wiersema (6) talks with his great-grandmother Rina Pullia (85) about her childhood in Carbonara di Bari, Italy, immigrating to the US, spring in Vermont and Chicago, climbing trees, and their favorite fruits. 2020-04-26

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

This interview is about the lives of my family on my fathers side and what they have experienced throughout their lives.

Interviewing Faith

I, Morgan, talked with my classmate, and friend about her own personal life and the stuff she would like to be remembered by and the things she’d do differently. Faith talks about her life living in Vermont and then having...