Elisabeth Erickson and Gordon Gayer

Gordon Gayer (77) talks with his daughter, Elisabeth Erickson (38) about living in Vermont in the 1970s, and his ongoing connection with the state.

Arraya Sinlong and Alyssa Sinlong

Arraya Sinlong (31) talks with her younger sister Alyssa Sinlong (17) about her childhood before and after moving to the U.S.

Grampa Micky

A conversation with my father about spirituality, pottery, psychology, and his death.

Interview with Grandpa

Interviewing my grandfather about his experiences living in New Hampshire compared to Vermont.

Sophie Yarwood interviews her father Brian Yarwood on Thanksgiving 2017

Interview with Brian and Sophie Yarwood about Brian’s early life in Iowa with some stories about his time in Togo Africa when he was in the Peace Corps 1984-87


My mom talked about her experiences growing up and about my life

Ken Hoeppner and Karina Ckless

One Small Step partners Ken Hoeppner (79) and Karina Ckless (53) talk about their political values, who influenced their viewpoints, and their transition to living in rural Vermont.

Belisle Thanksgiving Listen
November 28, 2019 App Interview

We talked about our holiday memories. Adult and childhood memories.

Steve’s Vermont housing in 1972

Steve describes himself as a hippie during his youth. This story tells about free lodging he stumbled into in the early 70s.

The Day My Parents Told Stories

Rhonda Lancaster interviews her parents, Ron and Julie (Yackel) Allen, at her home with Jim Lancaster. They talk about how they met and married, their early life together, and then what they remember about the early years with children.

Self Image and Living through a Pandemic

I interviewed my roommate Mallory Lloyd about her life growing up in Vermont, and her understanding of being adopted. We then touched upon her life now and growing up the things she was able to experience all the way up...

Then Great Thanksgiving Listen-Ben McKenna

Some of my grandmother’s history in her life was touched on and mainly where she has traveled. Also my grandmother talked about how she loves spending time with her family in Vermont.

Kathleen Gaffney and Valerie Wood-Lewis

One Small Step conversation partners Kathleen Gaffney (62) and Valerie Wood-Lewis (56) met virtually to discuss their views on feminism, abortion, animal rights, freedom of speech and Donald Trump.

Rik Palieri & Guy Davis Swapping Stories and Songs

Rik Palieri: 2020-12-25 16:56:49 interview with Blues Man Guy Davis . Two 60 + year old Folk Singers & friends from Vermont & NY, talk about music, Black Lives Matter, Pete Seeger, and dealing with Covid19

Tyler Bobbitt and his father, Greg Bobbitt, talk about what I‎t was like growing up, memorable moments and regrets.

In this interview, conducted on January 2, 2018, in Niskayuna New York, Tyler Bobbitt and his father Greg Bobbitt start off talking about Greg’s childhood and what the effects of many siblings, growing up outdoors and growing up in a...

Aaron Clark and Devon Thomas Lee Julian

One Small Step conversation partners Aaron Clark (27) and Devon Thomas (37), both pastors, discuss faith, issues of identity and abortion.

My Mother and I

Because I am going to college soon and have started the application. I wanted to know more about my mothers childhood and what her college experience was like. I also wanted to know how she ended up moving thausands of...