Thanksgiving in foster care

What it’s like to have Thanksgiving in foster care compared to have Thanksgiving with friends.

Thanksgiving interview with Lorraine Desmarais and her granddaughter Eryn Boissonneau
November 25, 2018 App Interview

This interview took place on November 22, 2018 in Milan, NH. Interviewee Lorraine discusses her childhood growing up in Fall River, MA, her relationship with her mother and father, the death of her father, and her absentee brother’s experience during...

Rhys Pitner and her grandfather talk about growing up, memories, things were thankful for, and hopes for the future.

Rhys Pitner, 14 years old, participated in the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017 for her freshman English class. Rhys interviews her grandfather, Tom Alderman, about growing up, things were thankful for, and hopes for the future. During this interview Rhys learns...

Grandma Bee and Rhonda

Grandma Bee and Rhonda discussed Bee’s memories of her marriage and some of Rhonda’s childhood. Stories include how Bee and Everett met at the Old-Fashioned Girtherin’, the fire at Christian Family Circle, and her first house with Everett in Claremont.