Taryn Tipton and Daniel Gertson

Recording the day after their wedding in Marfa, Texas, Taryn Tipton (33) and her new husband Daniel Gertson (42) reflect on the joy of their wedding ceremony and the love they have for each other. They also remember their first...

Thanksgiving Listen – Where mom grew up.

In this interview, we talked about where my mom grew up as a child. We also talked about her family.

Rooster McConaughey and Gilbert Prather

Rooster McConaughey (66) and good pal Gilbert "Gil" Prather (80) talk about cowboy life, ranching, Gil's love of music, the TV and movie ventures the two have participated in, and life in far West Texas.

Andrea Ohl and Julia Green

Mother and daughter Andrea “Ann” Ohl (81) and Julia Green (53) share a conversation about Ann’s years growing up in Iowa, her love of archaeology, and her experience building a house in West Texas. Julia also talks about her career...

Charles Horak and Charles Horak

Charles “Chuck” Joseph Horak III (58) has a conversation with his father, Charles “Charlie” Joseph Horak Jr. (83), about their family tree and their family’s connections to El Paso and West Texas. They also talk about Charlie’s memories of the...

West Fertilizer Plant Explosion (4/17/2013)
November 27, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, I (Abby Kolar age 22) interviewed my mom (Karen Kolar age 56). We explored the topic of the West Explosion. This event greatly impacted our lives, that killed 15 people, and destroyed half of our town.