Interview with Maria Ruiz

In the interview there was mostly talking about Maria Ruiz’s life story and goals and ideas. Maria Ruiz was born and raised in Ecuador and talks a lot of about being raised and then coming to a different country. Also...


We talked about what she was like when she was a child and what she imaged she would become when she was younger.

Interview with my Grandmother

My grandmother has had a pretty normal childhood. She is very proud of her children and their accomplishments.

Untitled Interview

This is my practice interview for American Studies.

Interviewing Miguel Aliaga

In this interview we talked about his childhood, teen years, and coming into adulthood. And some parts of his time served in the military and how it affected him.

I talked to my Father, Leroy, about his childhood.

I asked him what kind of jobs he had and if he liked his school when he was growing up.

My father

My fathers and his life on how he sees it and wants ut to be

Me and my grandma

We talked about how her childhood was and how she met her husband/my gramba.

My dad’s memories

A quick recording on my fathers childhood experiences, his high school memories, and his legacy.

(Part 1)The Life of Judy

This was a very interesting experiance. I learned so much about my grandma that I never knew and never thought to ask her about. She talked about how she had jobs in business when I thought she only ever worked...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Brian Brong and Brian Ta
November 25, 2019 App Interview

This interview consisted of thoughts on family heritage, growing up in school, love/relationships, and military service.

Great Thanksgiving Listen Zachary Yenser and Diana Yenser

In this interview, conducted At my aunt’s house on November 25 2018. I interviewed my grandmother to learn about her younger life. She shares stories about her childhood and her relationships. She also talks about family and things that influenced...

The Life of Roberta Horn

Roberta Horn describes her childhood, teenage life, adult life, and advice to the future generations that will listen to this.

Test Interview

This is my test interview. In my real interview, I will be interviewing my stepfather, Abraham Assad.

Marina Fayez and her sunday school teacher Nihal Zacharia talk about important advice, and her lovely father.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Whitehall, Pennsylvania, Marina Fayez (15) interviews her sunday school teacher Nilhal Zacharia (47) about her father and how lessons have taught her to become who she is today. Mrs. Zacharia shares stories...