Brenda Stovall 11/27/18

Me interviewing my grandma about her past growing up in Georgia in the 50’s and 60’s

Pamela Ward and Darryl Ward

Spouses, Darryl Ward (65) and Pamela Ward (60), ask each other to reflect on some childhood memories and discuss their shared experience of Darryl having Parkinson's disease.


I interviewed my mom about her life and her experiences. We started with her earliest memories of major current events in that time period, then transitioned into her background and what she accomplished at a young age. She then talked...


This interview was about my mom‘s teaching career and special education.

Story Corps interview Fall 2018

Dad talked about what his childhood was like and how he managed to live in a family like his. He also talked about how he met my mom and what he did at work.

Preserving The Past: Allie Sansone and Nancy Fennell

Allie Sansone interviews Grandma, Nancy Fennell concerning her life and those of her grandparents and parents. In addition, Grandma Fennell recounts career motivations and memories regarding her children (my Mother and Uncle). Grandma Nancy also discussed her challenges from being...

Whipping it with mom

It is about Family History and immigrating to the United States.

Luann Johnson shares things about her life

In this interview, recorded on November 28, 2021 in Atlanta Georgia. Amelia Johnson (13) interviews Luann Johnson (54) about her childhood and growing up with her family. Luann Johnson shares stories about her friends and family and how she views...

paw paw

this was such a good experience and i really enjoyed it.

Wheeler Bryan talked about his teen years

Wheeler Bryan talked about his experience from junior high to college with Avery, his granddaughter.

Mom Part 2 (sibling #15)

My mom and I caught up again over the phone. Just as southern states are beginning to reopen the virus is reaching our family like never before but my mom believes that her faith and military experience will carry her...

Julia Peck’s Interview 11-28-19

My Mom and I talked mostly about what it was like when she was a kid, and what it was like when I was a baby. I learned more about my Mom through this interview.

Caroline Wilkerson and Robby Espano

Caroline Wilkerson (21) and her boyfriend, Robby Espano (21), discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their relationship, their family lives, and their lives as students.

Final Interview

It was talked about what his life will he like and what it was like.

Jennifer Reed and Edward Wood III

Jennifer Reed (54) interviews her father, Edward "Ed" Wood III (80), about his childhood, the information he has found about their family history through his interest in genealogy, and the Christian mission work their family does together.

Her Special People

An interview with Mrs. Lisa Holloway who is a mentor for special needs kids in her Community. In this interview she tells us what Night To Shine is and how she got involved.

Beatrice Uwimpuhwe and Aimee Zangandou

Aimee Zangandou (39) talks with her mother, Beatrice Uwimpuhwe (67), to remember and share their family's resettlement story which began in Rwanda in 1994.

Thanksgiving interview, Jacob jonmichael
November 29, 2017 App Interview

We covered all of my dads childhood and some of his fondest memories.