Elizabeth Coleman and John LeSar
August 1, 2019 OSS Hub

Elizabeth Coleman [no age given] talks with her OSS conversation partner John "Jack" W. LeSar [no age given] about their childhoods and school experiences. They also discuss their time abroad, in the Peace Corps and the Army respectively, and their...

Linda Peterson

My grandma has had a very full and awesome life and she wants the future to know that to move forward we have to have kindness.

Ohio Love

The interview was an amazing experience and I’m glad I got to get closer to my grandparents.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project with Barbara Dierkes

Barbara grew up in a small town in Ohio. In the interview, we talked about her childhood, and about what her parents were like. We also talked about what my mother was like growing up.

Polly Eppley

My mother and I were speaking for our first time in an organized way

Her story

I took the opportunity to sit down and interview my mom and ask her about what her childhood was like. Not only did I find out about her childhood, but I learned about some of my great grandparents’ background as...

S01: Ep03: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Stephanie Summerow-Dumas, running for Hamilton Co. Commissioner in November 2018.

In Kindergarten, major life decisions typically revolve around snacks and naps. But what if you knew, even then, what course your life would take? Welcome you to the third installment of A Picture’s Worth: Running for our Future. In this...

Early years in DC

Ken talks about his younger days as a boy in Washington, DC during WWII. He had various jobs before entering university then taking time off to travel the country.

From Foster Child to Parent: The Childhood of Mandy Lehman.

Mandy Lehman, a mother with mitochondrial disease, describes her childhood and what it was like growing up with an abusive family and the foster care system.

Mattie Dunlap and Don DeWitt

Don DeWitt (78) talks to his granddaughter, Mattie Dunlap (15), about his life, growing up, and important life lessons to remember.

Activist Mónica Ramírez Interviews Jose Ramírez, Sr., her dad

Mónica interviews her father about growing up in Mississippi, working in the fields, the people who inspire him and his hope for the future.

“And then I asked myself why the heck I’m here”

This interview took place in Manhattan Beach, California. Josh Cochran interviewed his grandpa Tom Cochran. It took place November 25th later at night. Josh asked questions about many different things such as what he was like as a kid, How...

Interview with my Grandpa

This is my interview with my Grandpa Rick Shiverdecker.

Makerspace interview assignment Matt and Eli

We talked about the most important and influencing people in my mother's life, along with what she did as a kid, her past and present jobs, and finally her time in the Air Force. Yeah, don't mess with the space-time...

Seth Gilman and Lois Gilman

Lois Gilman (68) interviews her son Seth Gilman (37) about his role as a rescue worker in the aftermath of 9/11, and his decision to become a teacher and educate students about the attacks.

theatre pbl project

Many general questions were asked, like how certain people and things have impacted her life. Work life was also a big thing that was discussed.

Kiddo’s 10-year-old adventure

On his ten-year-old adventure my son Isaiah and I talk about what his happiest memories are and what he’s most thankful for.

Interview with my grandma

My grandma her name is Teri and she is 56 years old.

Abuelo 1/2/21

Discussion with my grandfather about growing up in Colombia and the story of the journey to America and starting a new life

Kim Virant and Richard Virant

Kim Virant (55) interviews her father, Richard Virant [no age given], about his time in the Air Force and about his travels.