Ahmed Flex Omar and Muhammed Aslan

Ahmed Flex Omar (38) interviews his friend and colleague Chaplain Muhammed Aslan (30) about growing up in Turkey, immigrating to the US, studying divinity, and becoming a chaplain for UChicago Medicine hospital during COVID-19.

Oral History of the Honors College

In this interview I spoke with my grandmother in Turkish because she doesn’t speak English. We talked about our family history and how the times are different from when she grew up and when I grew up, with a wide...

The Story of My Dad

A detailed story of my dads management adventures around the world

Owen interviewing Eva Boman

Most important person is Billy an her children. Her proudest accomplishment was her raising her children and making a Turkish English collage. Her ancestors were from Wales and Scotland and her parents from Jacksburo Texas.

Conversations with Yiayia over a cup of coffee

My grandmother details a brief history about herself in a short conversation while we share pastries and coffee.

A Turks Childhood in Germany during the Cold War

In this interview, conducted in November 25th. 2017 in Chicago,IL, Yasemin Defne Pak and her father Ilker Pak talk about his childhood in Germany and how life was for him as a child. Ilker shares his experiences in school in...

Odelli Ozer: Talking about child hood

He talked about growing up in turkey and going to amarica and everything he has learned since then and reflects.

Lily and Andy Engel talk about their ancestors coming to the US

This interview recorded in December 2019 in Oregon Wisconsin is about how the great grandparents of Andy Engel came to the US from Armenia to escape the Armenian genocide. In it Lily Engel and her father talk about the struggles...

Ayse Bayram and Gulay Bayram

Gulay Bayram (38) discusses with her daughter, Ayse Bayram (19) about her childhood and married life, along with her transition to life in America.

Deniz Celikbas

Deniz talks about growing up in Turkey in a small town called Mersen. He then moves to Istanbul for 4 years. After that he moves to Chicago. He also talks about his family and what he does for a living.

Interview with Omar Mohammed

Interviewing my roommate from Iraq about his childhood and experiences growing up

Donna Gulec and Emily Thorn

One Small Step conversation partners Donna Gulec (63) and Emily Thorn (42) discuss their differing views on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected them, and their shared experience of marrying a non-white person of another culture.

Experiences from Living in Multiple Countries

Keerthana Jayamoorthy: 2022-01-23 22:33:40 Keerthana Jayamoorthy (17) talked with a new friend she made this year Jehan Aldulaimi (17) who has been moving from country to country all her life.

David Nadri and Behnaz Sadr

Spouses, David Nadri (57) and Behnaz Sadr (55), share the story of how they left their homes in Iran, moved to Turkey, and later settled in the United States due to religious persecution. They also talk about their daughter, Shadi,...

A Journey from Iran

Special guest talks about hardships of leaving Iran and what helped a long the way. Sometimes you may want to ask a person like this some questions and wonder what you will find out, this interview answers at least a...

Alan Howard and Soumaya Khalifa

Alan Howard (47) talks to his friend and colleague Soumaya Khalifa [no age given] about his activism, his spiritual journey, losing his first wife to cancer, the importance of interfaith and anti-racism work, meeting his second wife in Turkey, and...