Mémé, 2015

Oral history type interview with my Mémé (american/french canadian grandmother). Wanted to capture some of her thoughts as she has mid stage dementia / alzheimers

“This is my life — I am alive now.”

An interview with my father on life, change, and new understandings since his Alzheimer’s diagnosis two years ago.

Dwight, my dad and lessons learned

My dad’s thoughts on his life and lessons in the transformation of his past 10 years.

Interview: My Mom

Here I interview my mother about her brief life in Ecuador and as that of an immigrant in the United States

Life of Lyn Jensen

A small summary of Lyn’s life and journey with her husband Hans’ Alzheimer’s illness. Such a powerful testament to Lyn’s faith!

An Alzheimer’s Thanksgiving

In this interview I reflected on the past year and a half since the diagnosis of my father’s Alzheimer’s. It’s just me with some thoughts about the judgements people make about the way my family has attempted to navigate how...