Teacher’s Past

Thomas Wilson talks about how he grew up and became who he is today. He tells us what motivates him everyday and what motivated him to become a teacher. Finally he shares a little bit about his childhood memories.

Domanic ask Issy

We are working on interview skills for our life skills class.

Her legacy, last lesson & our final collaboration: Rachel reflects on her life as an educator

Rachel and Takeru are close friends, colleagues, and teach high school English class. When Rachel was diagnosed with her third bout of cancer, they sat down together to reflect on her journey as a teacher, from how she came into...


In this interview I spoke with my teacher Mrs.Dunn about a specific time in her life. I ask her about her past and what it was like growing up.

Historical Interview Assignment

I interviewed my teacher about herself and the big moments she experienced in her life. I was able to learn a lot about her and see the things we have in common.

Ms. Segal Interview

Key moments of her life and what she would like to be remembered as.

A New York Way

Goldy grew up in a sheltered Jewish Community in New York that immensely shaped the way she is.At 4:45 in the recording that was taken December 18th 2019 , Goldy talked about how her dad who died was really an...

My mom’s memories getting rewinded!!!!

I never knew something’s what my mom told. I am happy that I did this interview that made me to know about my mom.