Lee’s story

The story of Lee’s family and how she got to America.

First Generation

We talked about being a first generation student at Austin Community College

Local Pusher : The First

Crystal chats about her aspirations of being the first to graduate college and her struggle coming to terms with her sexuality.

La Historia de su Vida

En esta entrevista, grabada el 30 de Noviembre en Shreveport, Louisiana, Citlaly Jiménez (18) entrevista a su madre, Blanca Jimenez (38). Blanca nos responde a unas preguntas sobre su infancia, su familia, y cómo es que ella llegó desde Mexico...

Interview with my parents

In this interview, conducted on November 2017 in Vestavia Hills, AL, I spoke with my parents about their childhood and their families. They each spoke about their families, telling stories of their siblings, parents, and grandparents. They both talked about...

Asian immigrants and their transition in American Society

There should be more diversity and acceptance in society in order for Asian Immigrants go succeed in American society

A whole new world

The U.S is a place were you can have a lot of opportunities. The best way to get this opportunities is by working hard everyday.