BoiseSpeaks: "The ability to see a different way is life-changing."

Emily Johnson shares stories from Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Boise about the impact of friendship, mentorship, support, and one person’s presence can have on another’s life.

Patty and Sid

Short recap of our struggles, goals, and relationship.

Interview with close friend

I asked her about herself and her difficult/proud moments in her life.

Friendship interview

An interview with one of my best friends, Malia, about factors of good friendships.

Maria 2019

Maria is a coworker and friend from Nicaragua. We talked about her moving to USA and her career and personal life.


Listen to name and her partner, partner’s name, dissect the intricacies of A Clockwork Orange, all while attempting to navigate a podcast.

A peek into the #deaddadclub

I interviewed my oldest, bestest friend. We chatted about childhood, career, and her experience joining the #deaddadclub, and living life after grief.

Soy boy interview with jaime masin

Hi. This is an interview with a man i knew for a while

One friend to another

We talked about how my friend’s life was growing up. We also discussed our friendship and what we mean to each other.

Caitlin’s Leap of Faith
February 18, 2019 App Interview

Caitlin had never left North America before, but in the Summer of 2016 she got an opportunity of a lifetime: to represent her country on the field hockey turf in Australia.

Chris and Michael

Chatting about childhood, our long shared history, and becoming a parent! Also, Michael likes to have fun but is not an exclusively fun person.

Joseph Jones III, Verna Hollis, Diane Bowens, Shirley Green-Reese, and Carol Barner-Seay

“Being in a place like that, I didn’t feel like we was human.” In July of 1963, a group of African American protesters were arrested during a series of non-violent, anti-segregation demonstrations in Americus, Georgia. More than a dozen girls,...

Monica Franco and Brooklyn Franco

In this interview, recorded on January 14, 2019, Brooklyn Franco (17) interviews her mom, Monica Franco (41) about the affect of lupus on herself and how lupus affected her best friend, Roxanne. She shares details about her lifelong friendship with...

Family Is Everything

“I don’t care what people think, I will do anything and everything for my children.” On December 21, 2018, Daisy Salinas talked about her experience of leaving her home in El Salvador to come to the United States. She explains...

Michael Costa and Logan

The Ditch is about a group of friends and their adventures

Jeanne Satterfield & Barbara Parham

“I remember seeing your face and I was shocked.” Longtime friends Barbara Parham and Jeanne Satterfield remember reconnecting at a place neither one of them expected to be — the Pine Street Inn homeless shelter — and taking their next...

The Flip Side

The perfect life, she thought, but it was all in her head. She wakes up and realizes that she’s lost her best friend and her heart breaks.

Adam Roseman and Rick Rosenthal

“Don’t tell anybody that you saw Santa buying tools for the elves at Home Depot.” There are many ways to celebrate the holidays. While some light the Hannukah candles, some decorate Christmas trees. And for some, well, they do a...

New Friend

I’m not usually one to make friends outside of my group, but getting to know Nataly was great because she has become a close friend of mine.