Mother and Daughter at American Geophysical Union

We talk about going to the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting together and how science is changing.

Mady talks to Mrs. Esterline about her job at WCCS.

in this interview, i will be talking to Mrs. Esterline about her job and what she has to do within it. I’m going to ask her a few simple questions about her job, and then go deeper into the details...

Water your thoughts on data?

Three undergraduates from Olin College of Engineering discuss their experiences at the AGU 2017 Fall Meeting. These students are on a team of 5, working to redesign the user experience of the HydroShare tool.

AGU Test

Test recording to find AGU Community Page

Biking for Change in Our Community

An interview with my dad detailing his foundation in cycling, beginning in Lancaster County and how this foundation has impacted his college degrees both in molecular biology and biochemistry as well as in exercise kinesiology. He currently has career at...

Interview About Ms. Emi’s Childhood and Her Teaching Science, by Ira

On monday morning recess, I interviewed Ms. Emi about her childhood and about her teaching science. She told me that she was playing outdoors with her sister all the time. Her school was in Malaysia and it was a small...

Interview to Ms Emi, our science teacher, by Madoka

I interviewed Ms Emi, Aoba Japan International school’s science teacher. I interviewed her because Grade 6 is now learning about telling stories and I thought it would be great to hear about moving house to other countries. I think it...

My path to science

I became a scientist because I love nature. I now teach other scientists how to communicate to share this love with everyone.

From Lab to Classroom, Claire Fornsel Tells What Turns Her Into An Inspiring Teacher
December 1, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted on November 28th, 2017 in Norfolk Collegiate School, Virginia, Claire Fornsel (almost sixty) tells her student Emma Lu (17) what was her childhood like and how she decided to be a teacher. Ms. Fornsel is known...

Gregory Neumann

Brief interview with my dad, talking about his life, personal discoveries, and family legacy

The Incredible Life of Sydney Blum

My sister Sydney talks about her struggles and positive moments in her childhood along with family and religion.

Ward Kadel Interview

In this interview we talked about thing s such as science, traithlons, and the wine industry.

Thanksgiving with Oliver

Oliver Zagorin is a teacher for students with special needs. He is dating my sister (Adriana Mantilla) and she can be heard in the background. Oliver is the main focus of the interview.

The Apollo 13 Mission: Resolving Crisis from 200,000+ Miles Away

Ed (Edward) Mallonen III—a member of the team of engingeers who had to find a way for the Apollo 13 to return safely once problems arose—retells the high-stakes work he and his fellow engineers invested to create a solution to...

The life of a teacher: Tracy Roll

Jake interviews his science teacher at his continuation high school to learn that besides being a teacher, she is a human being with a rich history.