Martha Jeanne Johnson interview #1

Talking about childhood, life experiences, relationships, and importance of learning.

Immigration Stories Italy: Juan

Juan is immigrated to Italy from Peru for a better life. Juan lives in Pioltello just outside of Milan. Juan paints a beautiful picture of growing up in Peru and being surrounded by his many sisters. Juan tells about his...

Immigration Stories Italy: Osmil

Osmil is a recent immigrant to Italy from Guatanamo, Cuba having only arrived 7 months ago. Osmil is in the country on a visiting visa living with his sister in Piotello, a town on the outskirts of Milan. Osmil has...

Immigration Stories Italy: Reem and Rawan

Reem and Rawan are both daughters of Arab immigrants to Italy. Even though they were both born in Milan, Italy after their parents had immigrated to the country they are not considered citizens of Italy. Reem and Rawan talk about...

Learning about my big sister

Younger sister interviews big sister about her experiences as a child.

Interview with my older sister.

I had a general interview with my older sister that turned into more of a conversation.

Maddy Bird Interviews Moe Kelly on Family History

Moe Kelly, my great aunt, and I talked about our family history. Moe did a DNA testing and discovered out ethnicities of Irish, Russia, and more.

lizzie & maggie
December 1, 2017 App Interview

We talked about family. We also talked about work.

My strong ladies
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Two sisters that have always stuck together and still have through hardships and good times . That have always been mischievous as well as greatful for their family and silly whenever they can.

Sydney’s Memories

Since I visited friends instead of family this Thanksgiving, I decided to interview my 15-year-old sister, Sydney, at our house. Before I got into the main questions, I had her tell the listners a little bit about herself. Then, I...

How joining the military changed a life.

In William’s Interview with Bruce Miller his grandfather on November 26th, discussing similarities and differences growing up in different generations and what it was like joining the war, leaving family behind. Joining the military is definitely a great challenge and...

Meet My Sister Stephanie

In this interview my sister and I talk about our life and what we mean to each other as sisters.

“I would like for people to remember me as an open minded person and loyal friend”

A student, Joyce Huang, interviews her sister, Teresa Huang, on her life. In the interview, they discuss the beauty and innocence of Teresa’s adolescence as well as the the importance of voice. Teresa conveys an important message when she states,...

Isabelle Papa and her dad Joe Papa talk about childhood memories and growing up in a big family.

In this interview, Isabelle Papa talks to her dad, Joe Papa, about his childhood and his experience with growing up with four sisters. He shares both happy and sad memories, but says that overall he was lucky to have such...

Emily Crowder and her mom Jessica Crowder talk about Jessica’s stories

It was great being able to see what my moms life was like and what she thought of everything. It was also great to hear what my mom thought of me. I loved hearing how my mom saw family. Overall...

Janiece’s story

We talked about how being the youngest sister of 3 has impacted her life. We also shared some important family values and memories.

Shirley and Nancy

Conversation and coffee on Joppa Avenue. Sisters recount sharing a childhood bedroom in St. Paul to traveling Europe together; reflect on family and influences.

Interview with Mom

We talked about what it was like for my mom growing up the oldest of 11 children in the Upper Midwest, about my mom’s religion/spirituality (Catholicism), and about my mom’s parenting of me and my three older sisters.