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Ronald Boxman Interview

Some questions about Ronald Boxman


Kyle and I talk about our childhoods and nostalgia

Wilma talks to her granddaughter about catholic school, growing up around the block, and meeting her husband.

Wilma and her granddaughter Amy discuss her journey to the United States, growing up in catholic school, meeting her husband at 15, and family life.

My hero

My hero tony miller is asked some questions about his life and childhood

Thanksgiving project

Theses are questions I asked over thanksgiving involving my older brother.

Family History

I sat down with Kaelin Mitchell and talked about her family history

Jackie Lujan and Yolanda Avila

Yolanda Avila (67) sits down with her friend and mentee, Jackie Lujan (34), to talk about their shared community, the Southeast district of Colorado Springs. They discuss how Jackie was able to start a daycare business in the community and...

Grandma & Me

We spent time talking about her childhood and all of her favorite memories as she was growing up. She also told me about the many lessons she learned throughout her years.

Maggie and Jon

We talked about a lot of his favorite things.

Mimi and Me

In this interview I asked my grandma of 83 years old about her childhood, her husband, her children, and other worthwhile life happenings

Interviewing Debbie Mccabe by Felicia Figueroa

My nana talks about growing up and her family life.

“It’s overwhelming when being in a big crowd of people trying to vote”

When my brother Michael was a teenager he always wanted to have a chance to make a difference in our society even though it was through voting. My brother always has had a very big impact in my life and...

Jade & Priscilla

Me & grandma talked about her life & the things she has been through

Lisa Pasbjerg and Mona Hanna-Attisha

Lisa M. Pasbjerg (53) talks with her employer Mona Hanna-Attisha (42) about the work they do with the Flint Registry, the significance of the community standing up and advocating for itself, the effects of the water crisis, the importance of...

Carla Sameth and Gabriel Johnson

Gabriel Johnson (17) interviews his mother, Carla Sameth (54), about her life, her marriages, religion and advice for the future.

Elizabeth Lazar and Lindsay Giovannitti

Elizabeth Lazar (35) talks with her colleague Lindsay Giovannitti (30) about their Peace Corps experience.


We talked about how she went trew life and all her positive attitudes

Gladys Sloan and Renee Grebe

A discussion of family history and general life history.

Thanksgiving Listen

Today I talked with my grandmother about her life growing up as a child and her life growing up into an adult and how her experiences have changed her.