Daniel Wolf and his grandma Sheila Goldfarb discuss Sheila’s interesting and eventful life

This interview took place on November 24, 2017 in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. The interviewer is Daniel Wolf, who is interviewing his grandma, Sheila Goldfarb. The interview talks about Sheila’s childhood, teen years, adult life, having children, and her eventual...

Great Thanksgiving listen- Melvin

Me and my father talked about the difficult moments of his life and his childhood

Dr.Fenves and his great niece

A brief interview on my great uncles past beginning from immigration to the U.S. to his current life. Now a Doctor teaching residents at MGH in Boston he has a great story to be heard. We spoke about his immigration,...

From the Ground Up

A man who ‘took chances’ to get to where he is now. From being drafted into the Portuguese army, to meeting the love of his life, to moving to America, he worked his way up keeping a kind heart and...

Kasia and Marta

Kasia’s interview of Marta and her immigration from Poland to America.

Interview with “Saba” Goldlust

An evening conversation about a loving grandfather with his son (and grandson) about growing up in New York City


Jose nacio en Ecuador y hoy es un ciudadano de los EE.UU.

I want people to remember me as a happy person

In the interview Leidy talks about her experiences coming to America, immigrating, happiness and the overall differences. The major differences she had to encounter was the language barrier and getting used to the culture. Leidy lives a happy life with...

Made In Asia

Debbie shares her childhood of growing up in Indonesia to starting a family and becoming a wife in America.

Caroline Docherty interviews her grandma, Margaret Haran, about her immigration to the United States from Ireland.

This interview was recorded by Caroline Docherty on November 13th, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Caroline (age 16) asks her grandma, Margaret Haran, about her immigration to the United States from Ireland in 1963. Margaret describes her immigration experience and what...

Coming from Korea
November 8, 2017 App Interview

Paul discusses about his experiences with moving into America from Korea

Lucie Haskins Comes To America

I talk to my grandmother about her experience coming to America and where her parents met.

Family Heritage

In this interview, my mother talks about her family and specifically her grandfather, who came to the U.S searching for a better life. He passed through Ellis Island.

Giacomo Manciagli

An interview conducted with my Grandfather about his experiences growing up in Sicily and immigrating to the U.S.


Jonathan Tobar tell his story of his struggles and success here inside the United States concerning imigration

American Studies Immigration Interview

This Interview is about how my mother came to America and how it changed it her life .

Interview with my mom

In this interview with my mom we went over what it was like for her to move to the United States and what her childhood was like. We spoke about her favorite memories of me and what the most difficult...


An interview with an immigrant from Jordan