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My StoryCorps Interview

I did an interview with my Dad about his childhood, special memories, and life lessons he’s learned along the way.

The great Thanksgiving interview

In this interview, I interviewed my mom, and myself. We had a great time to talk about Thanksgiving.

Interview with my mom!

We spoke a lot about my mom’s past and her decision making.

Talking about the steps of life with my Father

We talked about childhood, jobs, life in general, pop culture

world history

I interviewed my boyfriend about a hardship he had to go through during his childhood.

Giving Thanks Interview

I interview my aunt Kathy about things that have happened throughout her life.

Interview with Grandma Penny

I, Olivia Slater (15), interviewed my Grandma Penny (62), we discussed her life with her Husband that passed away, and her childhood. She was eager to talk to me about her past life. Some of the questions she had to...

Elizabeth Denehie and Ellen Murphey

One Small Step partners Ellen Murphey (63) and Elizabeth Denehie (48) discuss their upbringing, their families, and their partners. Ellen talks about their experience as a queer person. Elizabeth talks about her experience as a disabled person and a caretaker.

Recording – 12-08-2023 16:31:52

This is an interview with my friend Christian, who I'm very close with. Me and him are very similar, but also very different. I hope you enjoy this story!

Interview of my mom

Interviewed my mom and we talked about things from her past

My Dad’s story

I talked to my dad about his career.

The Dreams of a Hero

Kian Dreams of joining the military for the soul purpose of being able to save lives. He is full of hope and courage and a great sense of humor. I am honored to be his sister :) and I know...

1960s US History Interview

This is an interview of Mary Lapin, a highschool and college student during the 1960s. She shares information about the 1960s culture, civil rights movement, and entertainment.

Tatiana Cox Lopez and Mario Cruz

Tatiana Cox Lopez (37) and her husband and business partner, Mario R. Cruz (47), discuss the stresses of having a two-month-old baby during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, sustaining their family during the pandemic yet being able to establish...

Grandpa Norm Juster World War 2 Story

Grandpa Juster tells us about the events leading to him enlisting, what his time in the Navy was like and how it was to return.

I Am Better Now With Kids

In this interview conducted on November 2018 in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Angelina Quach (16) interviews her mother Katherine Lam(36) about her life and how it led up to now. She tells stories about her childhood as she came...