Worlds Greatest Father, Colin Sherrill

From riding his bike as a child through downtown Danville, California to chasing wild boars through the Amazon jungle with his two daughters, 51 year old Colin Sherrill takes us through his childhood as well as the struggles and succeses...

About my moyher’s life

I learn that my mother has a lovely and happiness childhood. She always take care about her family. She want to have a nice house on her beatifull Salvatierra, Guanajuato. The love of her life is my father. She want...

Delia the Doll

Learn the story of the mystery of the Doll passed 4 generations in the matrilineal line.

Aga Interview

Talking to my grandmother about her life and childhood especially.

Jennifer and Chandler’s interview

Had a long talk about our family and how her teenage years went and her progress and regrets.

An interview with one of my inspirations

The interview is about my father and his life experiences. We talked about what his favorite memories are of me as well as advice he would give his younger self and to me and my future children. At the the...