Interviewing My Grandmother, Marilyn Olsen

My grandmother talked about the various experiences she has had throughout her life, and explains how they have shaped who she is. She discussed many important topics such as education, family and honesty, and I have learned a lot about...

Sandra Close History, by Decho Angeloff (The Great Thanksgiving Listen)

Sandra Close of Rio Dell, California shares stories about her family heritage from Italy, and how they immigrated to America. She also reveales experiences she had throughout her childhood, and adult life, opening a window into her life.

Story time

This interview between my grandma Sharen and I, Wyatt Dyer was taken at her house in Malibu. This interview talked mainly about funny stories that my grandma Sharen has heard or seen to tell again. Whether it’s about me, my...

Family Heritage

In this interview, my mother talks about her family and specifically her grandfather, who came to the U.S searching for a better life. He passed through Ellis Island.

Fortner Family Journey

First part of my interview about my family’s heritage and journey.

Fortner Family Journey

My Grandmother talks about our family’s heritage and journey.

Opa Ahrens Herkunft und Jugend

Geborener Kienle, Vater Josef Kienle (Metzger aus Crailsheim), Walter Ahrens aus Zweibrücken, Johann Blumenschein aus Siebenbürgen, Luise Hofmann aus Crailsheim, Maria & Gottlieb Fischle aus Oberesslingen, Anton Bubulis aus Polen