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Glenda Tate and Jamila Raybourn

Glenda Tate [no age given] shares a conversation with her mentee, Jamila Raybourn (31), about Jamila’s childhood, her family, her dreams and purpose, what brings her joy, and how she arrived where she is now.

Adrienne Bailey and Justin Bailey

Adrienne Bailey (68) and her son Justin Bailey (41) discuss life for Adrienne in Chatanooga, her college and career advances, meeting her husband, D'Army Bailey, and his contribution towards establishing the Civil Rights Museum.

Deveney Perry and Kirstin Cheers

Deveney V. Perry (28) talks with her "friendleague" friend and colleague Kirstin L. Cheers (28) about the current state of Memphis, being "Memphians", the "villages" that raised them, their faith, art as a form of advocacy, why they chose public...

Darrell Cobbins and Angela Copeland

Darrell Cobbins (46) talks with his friend Angela Copeland (40) about his childhood and life in Memphis, his family's roots and influences in the community, his own work in community based youth leadership, and his commitment to the future of...