Mutale Bingley and Margaret Chisanga

Mutale Bingley (40) speaks with her mother, Margaret Chisanga (72), about their lives. Mutale had a dream of being an American at age 12 in Zambia. Today she and her mom are both American citizens.

Rahul Desai, Ravi Desai, and Anand Desai

Brothers Rahul Desai (34) and Ravi Desai (39) interview their father, Anand Desai (69), about his life as an immigrant coming to America for graduate school from India in the 1970s, his experiences here getting his Masters and PhD, and...

Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, Efugbaike Ajayi, Eniola Ajayi, and Toluwalase Ajayi

Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka [no age given] is interviewed by her daughters Efugbaike Ajayi [no age given], Eniola Ajayi (42), and Toluwalase Ayaji [no age given]. Together, they remember Omofolabo's husband and their father, discuss Omofolabo's activism in Nigeria, and their move...

Georgette Bisoka and Fowzia Adan

Georgette Bisoka (23) and her friend Fowzia Adan (25) share their experiences as refugees living in Boise, Idaho. They discuss moving to the US, finding community, and the importance of self-advocacy for refugees.

Hanaa Alasmi and Nazzal Alasmi

Hanaa Alasmi (56) and her husband, Nazzal Alasmi (62), talk together about the past and the future, sharing stories about family and reflecting on all that has changed in their lives since coming to the United States from Syria.

Liliane Lemani and Emeliana Salama

Friends Liliane Lemani (38) and Emiliana Salama (51) talk about their interests in starting businesses in the United States, and reflect on their experiences selling goods and materials while they were at a refugee camp in Namibia.

Charlotte Nyagakye and Eliya Maombi Nyagakye

Charlotte Nyagakye [no age given] talks with her son, Eliya Maombi Nyagakye (19) about major events in her life, like coming to the United States from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and getting married.

Yingcho Saechao and Janit Saechao

Janit Saechao (28) interviews her grandmother Yingcho Saechao (67) about living in a refugee camp in Thailand, how she decided to adopt her sister's daughter, and what their life was like when they first came to the US.

Sakhone Lasaphangthong and Syma Mohammed

Sakhone Lasaphangthong (46) talks to StoryCorps interviewer Syma Mohammed (34) about coming to the US as a refugee, being incarcerated, and his current work with houseless people.