Brodie Vicinanzo and his Great Aunt Rosemary Reid discus life from the 1940’s to present day

In this Interview conducted on November 26th 2023 in Vestavia Hills Alabama. Eighteen year old Brodie Vicinanzo and his eighty eight year old Great Aunt Rosemary Reid discuss what life was like growing up through ww2 and losing loved ones....

Recording – 10-28-2023 15:21:49

Bill Warren talks about how lucky he was to grow up near his grandparents on their farm in Texas in the 1930s.

Jean Kramer looks at Kramer archival family albums

We came to have many photo albums from my grandmother, Lotte Kramer, and her mother, Ella Faller, from the 1910s-1940s. Jean Kramer, my mom, looks at the album and narrates who the people are and family history, including time in...

Marion Hoyt (Grandma 82 yr) and Dan Higgins (Grandson 32 yr) in Grand Central Terminal, 2007 near Christmas.

Marion talks about her life, especially her younger years. A special story about Christmas, stories she would tell me as a kid (about her grandma). Her experiences as a home away from home for West Point Cadets. Grandma was the...

Robert Resnick and Audrey Resnick

Bob Resnick (87) talked with his daughter-in-law Audrey Resnick (61) about his childhood memories in Los Angeles, his courtship and marriage to Renee, and his experiences in the Navy Reserve, stationed in Hawaii (while Hawaii was still a territory).

Interview with a 75 year differences

This interview contains a conversation between 14 year old and his 91 year old grandfather. We discuss family values, traditions, religion, growing up in different times, and his life.

Life as a woman in the 1930s

An interview with Mary Drewes on her mother’s life as a woman, wife, and mother in the 1930s.

John Bipes

Dad’s life growing up in Southern Minnesota, Being drafted into the military police, his young married life and his growth in the Lutheran faith.