John Booth 93 Peck, Kansas November 2021

John tells about his lifetime on his farm near Peck, KS and being in the Navy in Hawaii in the 40’s, and his various jobs he had and ends with a sampling of his auctioneering skill!


I got the chance to interview my residents as I work as a waiter there. They talked to me about times they were grateful and told me more about themselves. This was a great opportunity to learn more about them.

Maryann’s Story

This story was about family history from my maternal grandmother. We talk about her life and my mothers life as well.

Dancing in the Sky: Remembering Dolores Meurer Reed, WASP

Dolores Meurer Reed broke all the “rules” about what a woman could do and be when she joined the Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASPs) in 1943. Just one year before her death, Dolores and her sister WASPs, received the Congressional...

Grandad: A Man of Loyalty and Servitude.

I decided to interview my grandad at to learn more about his time serving in the Korean War, his time after, and also his childhood and duties as a parent. He is such an amazing man and I continue to...