The Life of my Grandma

My grandmother, Anna Faysman, has had a life full of events. She grew up without a father during a gruesome time and molded a successful life for herself.

Grandpa Tommy

This interview is about my great grandpas life and the struggles that he went through to become as successful as he is. The great things that he has went through in life and all of the things he had to...

Lani and her glass ball Honolulu Hawaii

In 1941 a beautiful glass ball appeared in the surf at Kailua. To this 8 year old girl, Joanne, it was a piece of magic that only the seas of Hawai’i could bring forth creating an everlasting image of a...

Mary Fox and Bonnie Ross

Mary Fox (64) speaks with her mom, Bonnie Joyce Ross (91) about her memories of growing up in Portland during WWII, her experiences in foster care and raising a family of her own.

What Happened to Yoshi?

Jack Smith’s best friend was kidnapped by the government, and he never saw him again. On January 5, 2020, Ayden Lord interviewed her grandpa, Jack Smith, in Studio City about his best friend Yoshi who was taken to a Japanese...


My grandmother, who I affectionately call Memu, discusses growing up in the 50s in Shreveport, Louisiana, balancing education with raising two children, and her experience as a nurse. “I would like to be remembered as a fair person, a loving...

97 years back

This is me interviewing my grandfather about his life

Interviewing my grandma that lives out of town

In this interview my grandma and I talked about where she was born how her and my grandpa had money to raise their family. I asked her questions like what did she like doing on her free time, which animal...