Sarah Vliet’s favorite place.

Sarah vliet’s favorite place is her old house, She had to move when her father passed away on 10-25-2017. She felt very upset about her fathers passing. Her favorite memory was of her and her dad watching movies in their...


this is my interview with theresa. my spanish friend.

AP Gov Interview With Ceilidh

Ceilidh: 18 a Freshman in College at UNR. Colin (me): 17 Senior at Reno High School. December 15 week before Finals right before Christmas break.


I interviewed my neighbors grandfather and I found out things I never would thought I would find out.

Triple M Interview

I, Mattison, talk to my father, Matthew Miller, about the struggles of dealing with my mom after her stroke. My father talks about his childhood and uses a cuss word around the 4 minute mark.