Michael Woods and Lonnie Halkmon

Friends Michael Woods (36) and Lonnie Halkmon (38) have a conversation about their youth, spreading love, and their work at Dream Builders 4 Equity.

Adriana Sanchez and Cesar Lucio

One Small Step conversation partners Adriana Sanchez (35) and Cesar Lucio (57) find the similarities and differences in their immigration stories to the United States from Mexico, having immigrated at different ages and in different decades. They reflect on the...

Bereket Erecha and Aiche Sy

[Recorded Monday, July 17, 2023] Bereket (33) and Aiche (28) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville. Bereket has 10+ years experience in peacebuilding, journalism, and public relations and is Program Advisor with Dexis Consulting Group. Aiche has 3+...

Karrie Wilson and Elizabeth Hudak

Coworkers and friends Karrie Wilson (33) and Beth Hudak (39) talk about the work they do helping young victims of homelessness and trafficking and share the importance of making young people realize the power of their voices.

Alicia Barnes and Joseph Bowman

Alicia Barnes (49) speaks with her son Joseph "Joe" Bowman (18) about her time serving in the Navy. She shares memories of boot camp and her time at sea. She also expresses her appreciation for the organized and equitable nature...

Lilia Chavez and Niall Stallard

Lilia Gonzales Chavez (69) and Niall "Nicki" Stallard (63) talk about their political views, the Bill of Rights, and the ways their childhoods formed their current beliefs.

Stella Hodgkins, Theophilus Gregory, and William Hybl

Colleagues Stella Hodgkins (48), Theophilus Gregory (69), and William “Bill” J. Hybl [no age given] come together to discuss their impact-focused work at the El Pomar Foundation, particularly their dedication to convening and empowering communities of color.

Lisa Nutter and Denise Barreto

Friends and colleagues Lisa Nutter (58) and Denise Barreto (51) talk about the history of their relationship and their shared work on Community Impact Investment.

William Toulios and Dallis Anderson

Friends Dallis Anderson (66) and William "Bill" Toulios (43) discuss equity in the school system. Dallis was Bill's basketball coach at the school where Bill is now the superintendent.

Charles Kuner and Crispien Van Aelst

Charles Kuner (84) talks to friend Crispien Van Aelst (51) about his decades-long career as a history teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. Charles reflects on growing up in the Lawndale neighborhood, his philosophy of teaching, and the state of...