Kids had More Fun in the 70s

I talk to my dad Dan Murray about growing up, how times have changed, obstacles he has faced in his life, and more. Concurrent English 1010 East High School

Seg interview

Interviewing my mom about her life

January 10, 2019
Zach Schlegel

In this interview Robert Schlegel recalls his experiences during the 70s. Some of the topics covered in this interview include the oil crisis The Three Mile Island nuclear meltdown and the Watergate scandal among other topics.

December 19, 2018
Growing Up Nisei: An Interview With My Mother

An excerpt of an interview for a school project. I interviewed my Japanese American mother about her childhood, parents, and race. She shared a few stories with me and I learned a lot about her life.

Interview Maw maw Maggie Killian

Maggie Killian interviewing grandma Rene Killian.

Mary Williams- age 82

My grandma talks about her experiences traveling the world and the big picture. About the nature of people.

Mia and Dad!!

My father (Stan Noble) talks about life in Seattle and Idaho in the 70’s and 80’s. He describes dumb decisions he made as a toddler, teenager, and adult (lol). *very emotional* CAUTION- be warned of tears. Try not to cry...


Questions about Watergate, Oil Crisis, Jimmy Carter, and the 70’s.