Abuse and the effects on mental health
December 2, 2022 App Interview

Mackenzie Young and Nyanaza Carter both talk about the effects of abuse Nyanaza experienced. Both 17 year old friends go into her feelings and talk on a deep level.

Sunshine Pray and Apryl Yearout

Sunshine Pray (49) and her daughter, Apryl Yearout (32), share a conversation about their Native American roots, racism, white privilege, and their relationships with their extended family.

Patrick Nickell & Scott Acord

Patrick opens up about being the child of parents suffering from addiction and alcoholism, and being raised in the foster care system from the age of 2. In the approximate 14 years he was in the foster care system, Patrick...

child abuse for c-span

in this interview we talk about child abuse

I’m My Peace

My sister Tania, a domestic violence survivor talks about the hardships that she had to endure during her pregnancy and the 6 long years of her relationship to her sons dad.

Erik Gray and Robin Miller

Erik Gray (30) and friend and colleague Robin Miller (49) have a conversation about how they met, their work within the anti-trafficking community, the sense of value in their chosen field and gaps in service provided to those violated in...