Carol "Mitzi" Rossmann and Deanna Drake

A friend, family member, volunteer and employee of The Mount shares her story about how The Mount has shaped her to be the person she is today. She reflects on her deep commitment to The Mount mission and culture.

Cynthia Grace and Savannah Winchester

Cynthia Grace (46) speaks to new friend and conversation partner Savannah Winchester (31) about the strength and inspiration she got from her mother and the journey she made to accepting herself as a transgender woman.

interview with Jerry Yang

I (Seth Hackbarth) had the privilege to interview Jerry Yang. I had the honor to get to know my friend and fellow soccer player.

Elaine Chen gets to know a little more about her mother, Naoko Makise’s, life-story and the valuable lessons she’s learned from her experiences.
November 4, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, conducted on November 3rd, 2022, in Orange County, California, Elaine Chen (20) interviews her mother Naoko Makise (56) about her childhood, family, life-lessons, and spirituality all based on the rich experiences that she went through. Ms. Makise...

Katie Boyle and Naomi Love

Naomi Love (26) interviews her friend Katie Boyle (26) about Katie's perspective on religion, community, friendship, and family. Katie also reflects on her experience stepping away from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and remembers her grandmothers.

Joelle DeHerrera and Alicia Taylor

Friends Joelle DeHerrera (43) and Alicia Taylor (43) share a conversation about how their personal teen pregnancy experiences led them to be the friends and people they are today. They also talk about shame, acceptance, and past challenges as mothers.

Jessica Reed and Holly Weinburg

Friends Holly Weinburg (36) and Jessica Reed (36) discuss their recovery journeys and their ever evolving friendship.

Elijah Wiseman and Nancy H.

Elijah Wiseman and Dr. Nancy H. talk about life as a hippie in the 1960s, Black Panther protests, and acceptance within the family.