Ally Pfeiffer and Jeffrey Pfeiffer discuss his childhood education.

Ally interviewed her dad over his childhood education. We also touched on areas of awards, jobs, and school in today’s time.

How it feels to be A Black Woman.

Ms. Lewis shared her thoughts about living a healthy life, sharing our emotions about death, and living with her children.

Prince’s Impact

Today I interviewed Laura Mansoor on the artist known as Prince and his impacts he left on the world and the music industry. In this interview you’ll learn about his hardships, influences, successes, charities, and more.

Interviewing My Role Model- Jose!

I ask my older brother personal questions about growing up, advice, and his personality


I asked all the question about his life and future about him, he respond it truthfully.

Interviewing my dad, Justin Hanson

Interviewing my dad who is 43, born March 23. He was raised in the Sonora/ Twain Harte area and recalls many fond memories of his life.