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Ed Pedi and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Award-winning professional photographer Ed Pedi shares his life story, from growing up in Chelsea with his 7 siblings to his passion for photography, traveling the globe by motorcycle, and the lessons that he learned.

Interview with Anthony Ochoa

I asked Anthony personal questions for viewers to better understand him as a person. These were questions I believe help others get to know Anthony better.

Always be sympathetic

In this interview, I ask mom questions that I never really knew the answer to. Questions about my future and my past. Also questions about my mother’s past. In the interview my mother shares about her youth and past experiences...

Interview my grandparents

I asked them questions about their life’s. I also learned new things about them .

Follow up interview reflection, Academic Validation

We took a smaller interview clip to reflect on the experience of the questions and the interview as a whole.