Enjoy Each Stage of Your Life

My objective in interviewing my father, Brian Moore, was to discover experiences and thoughts about his life, particularly during high school. He told stories about childhood, family, friends and athletics.

Interview with my Mom (School Assignment)

In this interview, I asked questions to my mom about many things. I asked her about her childhood and school, how she met her husband, her job, and other important stuff as well. My mom talked about how my dad...

November 26, 2018 App Interview
Father interview

This interview mentioned memories and accomplishments mainly from the past.

Stories from Alexander

Alexander shares a bit about his past adventures, life philosophy, goals and memories in a fun interview!

Grandma Norma’s Colorful Life

The happy memories of my Grandma Norma’s Past and her experience moving to the United States.

Christian’s Life from a civilian to a U.S. Marine

The interview was taken place in San Jose, CA on November 26, 2017. I, Sandra Curiel (18) interviewed my big brother, Christian Curiel (20) who is currently a Reserved U.S. Marine. We’ve discussed about his experience growing up, his memories,...