Clare Arter and Leonel Avilez

Clare (26) interviews her good friend LJ (27) about addiction recovery, family bonds, and shared memories.

Anne Matava and Randi [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Randi [No Name Given] (23) and Anne Matava (60) talk about their parents, disability, recovery, trans and nonbinary identities, generational differences, history, and their hopes for the future.

Keri Matherne and Luke Young

Significant others Luke Young (42) and Keri Matherne (32) talk about their journeys with addiction and recovery, and how their shared history has impacted their relationship for the better. Note: This interview has mentions of addiction.

Margaret and her dad, Spencer talk about Margaret's formative years growing up and substance use and the impact it had on both of them.

Margaret Lancaster is now a Health Program Coordinator-Peer Navigator and community health worker at Ledge Light Health District in Connecticut and her father Spencer Lancaster is now retired. They talk about their relationship through Margaret's years of substance use and...

Nick Rocca and Cheyenne Jenvey

One Small Step conversation partners Nick Rocca (34) and Cheyenne Jenvey (45) talk about the loss of their fathers, their childhoods, their faith, and their political views.

Belinda Bruner and Cynthia Blair

One Small Step partners Belinda Bruner [no age given] and Cynthia Blair (70) share their experiences with racism in small towns, their careers, their father's influence on their lives, and various other anecdotes.

Kathryn Boren and Ian Landis

One Small Step partners Kathryn Boren (36) and Ian Landis (27) share their experiences with opioid addiction, suicide, and recovery. They also discuss their political beliefs.

Faithea Foster and Robert Hisel

One Small Step partners Faithea Foster (46) and Robert "Bob" Hisel (81) share what they learned from their families and how their upbringings influence their politics.