Povestea celor șapte copii adoptați

Alex impreuna cu sotia lui Nati au 4 copii adoptati iar 3 sunt in proces de adopție. In acest interviu de 30 de minute Alex povestește călătoria adopției și ce a stat în spatele ei.

Meggie Kamb and Mary Kamb

Mary Kamb [no age given] reflects with her daughter, Meggie Kamb (20), on their experience as an adopted family.

Partners, Babies, and Goals

Getting to know Eric’s ideal life.

Robert Pavlik and Vince Gonzalez

One Small Step Conversation partners Robert "Bob" Pavlik (60) and Vince Gonzalez (43) talk about their families, political beliefs and division in our country.

Buying? Or Adopting?

Let's talk about how you think about adopting dogs, or buying dogs. Let's adopt dogs and give them a home and a family.

Daniel Simpson & Andrew Rudolph

Daniel Simpson (18) talks with his best friend, Andrew Rudolph (18) about his identities as a gay Korean-American adoptee to white parents. They talk about Andrew's journey through self discover, his connection to his identities, bully he has faced, and...

“It’s like getting a PhD in humanity”

an interview with my mom about our lives and what makes living this human life valuable.

Two Families, One Love
December 2, 2020 App Interview

My aunt Nay Nay was adopted when she was six years old. I sat down with her for an interview to ask her about her experience with not only her biological family, but life with her adoptive family as well.