Maria’s Life Story

Maria has encountered hardships but is a persistent person who was able to achieve her goals.

Interview with my mother

During this interview I asked my mother questions about herself in the past. This interview went great because I learned what goes through the mind of a 20 year old mother and the situations she personally went through.

Rich Naughton shares with his son (also Rich Naughton) and all listeners the stories and memories of his life

Growing up was a life-shaping journey for Rich Naughton. His father left when he was young, his mother was poor, the family was constantly moving all across the country so the mother could find work. By the end of his...

Danielle: Adulthood

My mother and some adult life questions

Christina Greggs’ Interview With Torri Greggs

Today my father and I discussed moments of his childhood. We talked about growing up in New York and going to school there. He also talked about what it was like to be an adult. | The Great Thanksgiving Listen...

My dads life

A short interview with my dad about his childhood

The Great Listen

Omar and I discuss his life and and his journey furthur in his life as he lives in the United States.

My Mom’s Life

This interview is about my mom’s childhood, teenage years, & her adulthood & what it was like going through in those years.