Barney Northrop and William Wood

William Wood (41) interviews his friend Barney Northrop (42) about his childhood, his relationship with religion, and his career as a chef.

LHP Interiew: Immigration

For this interview I, a junior in highschool, was interviewing my Mother Zina Kaufman who immigrated to the United States at a young age.

Friends for Life

Steven (18) and Anderson (18), friends forever. Discuss topics like their future and what their family and friends mean to them.

forrest faircloth interview

I interviewed my dad, Forrest Faircloth who is 42. My name is Ivy and i’m 15. We mostly talked about his life and his advice for future generations.

Maureen Guthman and Jill Schlesinger

Maureen Guthman (60) talks to her friend Jill Schlesinger (56) about her family, resilience, and the impact of those closest to her in her life. They reflect on their friendship and on the TV shows and music that have most...

Susan Alamillo and Maria Wyatt

Colleagues Maria Wyatt (58) and Susan Alamillo (65) share a conversation about their work in the Migrant Education Program in Plant City, Florida.

Interview With Michael DiFiore

In this interview, Michael and I discussed situations in our life that we had to adjust to and how we adjusted to those situations. We also discussed how me got to the places that we are today and how family...

"Even today I'm still amazed at the power of the simple mathematics and it has benefited my whole career." An interview with Xubin Zeng.

Meet Xubin Zeng, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Arizona. Dr. Zeng was amazed by the power of mathematics at a young age and found his calling in physics. Listen to Dr. Zeng discuss what inspires him,...

"Every project we work on, we count them by decades. That delays the rewards." An interview with Mehdi Benna.

While growing up in Tunisia Dr. Mehdi Benna dreamed of being a space scientist. Yet his future was uncertain after the first missions he worked on failed. Learn more about how Dr. Benna overcome adversity, what motivates him to go...