January 15, 2018 app
Jack Prahinski interviewing John Prahinski (father), talks about life role models to the best Star Wars movie.

In January 2018, Jack Prahinski (14) Interviewed his mother John Prahinski (50) in Lynchburg, VA. We talked about his father as his life role model who were his mother and his father. We talked about the best moments of his...

January 10, 2018 app
Ben Schmiedt- interview with Mike Schmiedt

I talk with my dad about his childhood, his parents, those who mean most to him, and our ancestors, (who we don’t know too much about).

January 8, 2018 app
Life Lessons from my Dad- Abhishek Dixit

I needed advice so I decided to talk to my father who has years of wisdom up his sleeve.

January 2, 2018 app
Nate Larson interviews his grandpa about his life

In this interview, Nate Larson(15) interviews Don Larson(80), his grandfather about his life. Don covers childhood memories and how life was like when he was a kid. Also, he talks about his success as a business owner and the historical...

December 31, 2017 app
Wise words from my Dad

I interviewed my father about his childhood and experience parenting me.

December 26, 2017 app
Christmas Interview with Dad

Conversation between a daughter and father about life, lessons, and advice. Dad reflects on his childhood, raising his children, and the loss of his own father.

December 26, 2017 app
The Dude Talk

Two friends talk about childhood, family, influences, life events and outlook.

December 23, 2017 app

My riendf Catlin talking about his life as a veteran and just in general he’s life. also some advice for the future generation