The Mind of a Second Year College Student

Today, we got to know a bit about Emmanuel and his experience throughout his first year of college. He tells us a bit about his experience and some of the things he believes we should know.

Advice from my 94 year old Great Grandma

Here I interview my 94 year old great grandma, Hazel Parker, and asked her a few questions about her life. She gives us a few stories about growing up and ends with advice for younger people like myself.

Bryan Cruz

Bryan talks about his closest friend and how he believes that they’ll still be friend in the future. As well talks about this family and how his parents inspire him. Also gives life advice towards the end.

Shared Experiences and Advice from my Mom

Karla Lopez (41) shares her life experiences and lessons learned to her daughter, Clarissa Lopez (16) while giving advice.

Talking with my grandparents

Gabe Brown, Jackie Taylor, and Henry Taylor sit on the phone and talk about relationships. Jackie and Henry are both 74. They had a lot to say to Gabe about their experiences.

Interview with My mom

Gabriella Cifuentes age 18 interviews her mother Astrid Villalobos age 47 about her life experiences, transitions, relationships, childhood, career, moving to the U.S and advice.

Oral History Project with Mrs.Pola

This is an interview between me, Emily Phillips, and Mrs.Pola my art teacher at St.Brendan High School. Throughout this interview I asked her what she did before becoming an art teacher and how her teaching years were. I also asked...