MUSH Final Project: Allison McCall Ciminero 5/21/22

I interviewed my mom and she talked about her childhood, school, her career, how she met my dad, 9/11, etc.


Gramps tells me about his life

Eduardos life

This interview is talking about my fathers life and what has made him who he is now.


This interview is a conversation between a sin and his mom about the future and even some digging into the past.

Defining moment

We talked about defining moments that make Mr. Lamp who he is and experiences that changed and affected him.

Tresa Martindale’s Story

In this interview we talk about lessons that have been learned, what makes someone their best self, and life in general.

The good ones

We talk about Julie and her feelings

Interview of Dad

A reflective interview of my dad by myself, his youngest daughter.

The Breakdown feat. Bryan West

Bryan tells his story, some struggles, challenges and advice throughout the podcast. He is one of the most influential, motivating, and positive people you’ll ever know. Through Newscasting, Photography, and Sobriety, Bryan has made an everlasting legacy.