Relationship Advice 101 with J’Reanna

Struggling to find answers about your relationship? Tune in to hear a little relationship advice with J’Reanna

My mom’s story.

This is a general interview that I had with my mom for a school project.

Indefinite Leave to remain

An Indefinite Leave to remain also called a UK Settlement Visa is a document that shows that its hold has been granted immigration status after a certain period under a provisional visa in the United Kingdom and has shown a...

Zach Tusinger interviews his Grandmother Janice Tusinger about the Pandemic and the 2020 Election.

2021-01-24: Zach Tusinger (35) talks to his grandmother Janice Tusinger (84) about living through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and the recent 2020 election and inauguration. She shares several memories about growing up and various Twentieth Century elections and...

English Interview

I have always looked up to my sister, Melissa, in this interview I get to know her a little better and she talks to me about her experience in the basic training military.

Great Thanksgiving Listen-Jacob Engel

We talked about some personal questions regarding my mom’s personal life, thoughts about me, her viewpoints, information on her relatives, etc.

My Mother’s History

In this interview, my mother and I discussed her life journey. She talked about her childhood in Ireland, and the difficulties her and her family had growing up. She discussed her track career and how that led her to America...


I spoke with my grandpa on thoughtful questions and advice for the future of our family