Kats trip to africa

Walking along a lake geneva trail with my aunt. Talking about her trip to africa.

Immigration Stories Reel–a brief recap of the overall, unedited audio interviews. The full impact is embodied within the full interviews.

I had the privilege to interview immigrants, descendants of immigrants, and asylum seekers across the world. Their stories were accompanied by anonymous portraits made from cyanotype imprints of their bodies and forms to which provided privacy and freedom to speak...

"This is science – to put everyone together to discuss the future of humanity." an interview with Frédéric Ouattara

Frédéric Ouattara, Universite de Koudougou, knows the practical implications of his research into the ionosphere. Our mobile phone signals become worse due to the weakening of the ionosphere. In Burkina Faso, he helps train the next-generations of geoscientists. The 2018...

Judith Kratka and Grace Farina

Judith Kratka is sharing her life experience

December 31, 2018
How a reporter was born. The story of a furrier father, Farrel Foundry, an odyssey from Brooklyn, Oregon, Japan to Africa.

A wife turns the tables on her journalist husband, interviewing him about his earliest impulses to write, how he decided to relocate at age 18 from the East Coast to the Pacific Northwest and how their intertwined lives evolved into...


Interview with Bader in my College Composition class

October 11, 2018
“It was NOLS that was a turning point”

Peter Roy talks being prepared for a life in business by his NOLS wilderness course. Years later he was able to send his daughter to a NOLS semester in Kenya, and this was an important turning point for his whole...

Interview of Professor Mark Chijioke

In December 2017 I had the privilege of interviewing Mark Chijioke. Mark was the first Nigerian dean of the School of Engineering at Nsukka, and also the first Nigerian engineering professor in the country. Amongst many things, he was always...