Scheduled flight.

A story about my aunt upcoming flight the same day the planes hit the tower.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview- Glenda Gabel

I apologize for not taking a picture so I used one of us when I was 8. In this interview we talked about childhood memories, work experiences, family topics, and more.

Grandpas worked on airplanes

After college at OSU, Julian got a government contract at Boeing to avoid being drafted for Vietnam. After a year at Boeing, he was layed off and went to work for MacDonald Douglas on the F-15 Eagle. Now one day...

Dancing in the Sky: Remembering Dolores Meurer Reed, WASP

Dolores Meurer Reed broke all the “rules” about what a woman could do and be when she joined the Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASPs) in 1943. Just one year before her death, Dolores and her sister WASPs, received the Congressional...

Flight attendant interview

This a practice interview for a flight attendant. I’m currently a trainee to become a flight attendant currently.