Elena Dillard and Theresa Gossman

One Small Step conversation partners Elena Dillard (40) and Theresa Gossman (42) discover the many common threads between them. They talk about having Alzheimer's in their families, their spiritual journeys, motherhood, and their experiences with addiction and forgiveness.

Kabin Thomas and Stephanie King

One Small Step partners Kabin Thomas [no age given] and Stephanie King [no age given] speak on their experiences as teachers, moments they have witnessed acts of racism against themselves or their family, their upbringings and various other topics.

"I liked the way I felt when I drank" by Starr Drennen

Stockton University student Starr Drennen interviews someone who had a substance use disorder and is in recovery.

"We realized all the iced tea he drank wasn't iced tea" by Joseph Velardi

Me: “Who was the person misusing drugs in your family”? Anonymous: “It was my dad, he started developing a drinking problem when I was midway through eighth grade. We found out about his drinking problem when I was midway through...

"It just kind of clicked in my head for me, this is the smell of beer, that's what my uncle smells like" by Emalia Sothman

Emmy: Hello. So I'm interviewing MyKenzi: MyKenzi Walker Emmy: So who was the person misusing drugs or alcohol in your family? MyKenzi: So my uncle on my mom's side was abusing alcohol for as long as I can remember, I...

"They have to hit rock bottom and ask for help." by Madison Schwartz

Hello my name is Madison Schwartz and today I’m here with my mother Shelly Schwartz in this interview we are going to be covering my mother’s experiences and how she handled being in relation to an alcoholic before we get...

L. Jackson Newell and Linda King Newell

Linda King Newell (81) speaks with her husband L. Jackson "Jack" Newell (84) about her life growing up, her college experiences, and their life together.