immigrant story

interviewer: Briana Montiel 18yrs old participant: Aldegundo Montiel 47yrs old relationship: father, daughter * family history * immigration story

German Vazquez interview

this interview was done by Oscar Vazquez the topic is about immigrants and how they have viewed the U.S.

immigration story

I interviewed my mother about her story coming to the United States and her life before I was born.

APB Family Interview

Gloria, Vilma and Rosario converse about their childhood, kids, and overall life.

Interview with my mom Sandra

I ask my mother a few questions pertaining to her past

Giving thanks 2021

Me and my little brother talked about how our life is and how it could be better. Talked about things we are grateful for .

Emily Rodriguez: interview with my mom.

I asked my mom some personal questions to get to know more about personal stories.

Interviewing my sister Dulce Briones Perez

I talked about how my sister saw me growing up and how growing up in our community affected our identity.