a Motherly Discussion

A mother and daughter have a much needed conversation about family history and mental health.

Gerard Alexander and Nathan Moore

[Recorded: Monday, March 21, 2022] Gerard Alexander (56) and Nathan Moore (41) have an impromptu One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Gerard, a UVA professor, and Nathan, general manager of WTJU radio station, discuss anthropology and their experiences traveling...

Talking with Janet

Today I talked with Janet about where she worked and where she grew up. I also talked with her about her experience in Buchanan County.

An Interview with My Dad

An interview with my father about life and work in Buchanan County


The proper pronunciation of Appalachia...and more.

Mary Ellen Spencer: What it Means to be From East Tennessee

Pellissippi State Libraries librarian Allison McKittrick talks with Dean of the PSCC Libraries Mary Ellen Spencer about her favorite places and favorite artist in Appalachia as well as what it means to be from East Tennessee.