Juniper Leherissey and Stephen Brogden

Juniper Leherissey (50) interviews her colleague Stephen Brogden (74) about his time, experiences, and contributions during his tenure as the former director of the Harwood Library and Museum.

Barbara Yonker & Angela Vaughn

Barbara Yonker & Angela Vaughn discuss library memories, the importance of reading, and the value of a good community public library!

Juniper Leherissey, Jim Levy, and David Caffey

Juniper Leherissey (50) interviews her colleagues David Caffey (75) and Jim Levy [no age given] about their accomplishments, contributions, and experiences as former directors of the Harwood Library and Harwood Museum. They also share stories, recall memorable personalities, and express...

Brad Stephens and Debbie Martinelli

Brad Stephens, current director of the Salem Public Library, speaks with Debbie Martinelli about the library today and in the future.

Nicole Thibodeau and Claire Coté

Nicole Thibodeau (42) speaks with her friend Claire Coté (41) about family, art, and her career path.

Peter Wilson, Marcia Wilson, and Stephen Wilson

Superintendent of Lake Geneva Schools Peter Wilson (45) interviews his parents, Stephen Wilson (76) and Marcia Wilson (75), about their childhood experiences and their families. Marcia and Stephen also talk about their role models, family stories, and mutual support in...

Chad Talbert and Debbie Martinelli

Chad Talbert talks with Debbie Martinelli about the importance of public libraries and The Hobbit

Rosemarie Martinez & Angela Vaughn

Rosemarie Martinez, patron of Salem Public Library & Angela Vaughn, employee, talk about growing up at the Salem Public Library & how reading shapes your life.

Lynne Peterson & Angela Vaughn

Lynn Peterson of Salem, OH & Angela Vaughn, adult programming manager at Salem Public Library, talk together about how libraries positively impact our lives.

Annette Coy and Debbie Martinelli

Annette and Debbie talk about favorite movies, pets and apartment storage