Mellissa Stuart and Liz Wessel

Mellissa shares about her calling to help people throughout her life and on her 30 journey as a home health aide and more recently as an Admin Assistant working in home care and hospice. Melissa’s faith is reflected in her...

Elvira De La Cruz and Kathy Ryan

One Small Step participants Elvira De La Cruz (45) and Kathy Ryan (71) have a conversation about the gravity of the moves in their lives, the challenges in getting re-licensed to work in the US after immigration, and how talking...

Conversation with Lidieth Hart

A conversation between Ricardo Mendoza (25) and Lidieth Hart (70) about how society views women from birth to old age. She shares her experiences with me and talks of how she feels about life as a woman. Lidieth describes how...

Becoming a Medical Assistant

I interview my cousin, Lorena Estrada, who is a 29 year old medical assistant and I disused on her journey on how she got into her career.

Daniella Gallardo and Rosie Woelm discuss moving from Columbia to the United States

Daniella (19F) and Rosie (18F) discuss the difficulties and language barriers present while moving from Columbia to Florida and then to Lincon, Nebraska.

Mary Alicia (Lawler) McRae and Talleri Adkins McRae

Mother and daughter Mary Alicia (age 79) and Talleri (age 42) discuss Mary Alicia’s favorite people, fondest memories and proudest moments.

Magda Parvey and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: I met with Dr. Magda Parvey, a highly accomplished, passionate and pragmatic educator and leader, for a thoughtful and inspiring conversation about her New York City upbringing, her Haitian culture, her family and her career.

Embracing Differences

Talking to Diana about her culture and the challenges of attending a university in the Midwest.

Growing up speaking a different language

Brooke Kangas (18) talks with her grandmother, Grace Kangas (75) about her childhood growing up speaking Finish and how it has affected her life today.

Melba Pesante and Eduardo Pesante

Eduardo Pesante (42) interviews his mother, Melba Pesante (67), about her views on faith, religion, time, quilting, and why she chooses to see life through the eyes of a child.