Billy the Kid

Debabu Girard (17) interviews his grandfather Bill Wallin (78) about growing up in Chicago, his military service, and listening to and learning from others.

Karen Steele and Elsa Jackson

Elsa Jackson (16) talks with Karen Steele (69), her grandma, about various topics about her life, including Elsa's mom and her siblings, jobs, family, and faith throughout her experiences.

A Glipse into The Past: A Grandmother’s Tale

What was the dust bowl to someone who lived through it? Betty Williams, age 88 tells her tale of her childhood.

Thanksgiving interview

In this interview, on November 27 in Tucson Arizona, Jack Warren (14) interviewed his dad, Jay Warren (49) about his childhood. They also talk about his parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. They talk about Jay and his job and his...

Laura-Adella Ibrahim and her father Ihab Ibrahim talk about the differences in living in Egypt vs. America

Recorded in November of 2022, Laura-Adella Ibrahim (daughter, 16) talks to Ihab Ibrahim (father, 50) about his life growing up in Cairo, Egypt. Mr. Ibrahim explains his history, from growing in different generations to leaving everything behind and migrating to...

Pablo and Danae

Pablo tells me of his life and I tell him something he’s always wanted to know about me