Interview with Grandma Kelley

Talked about growing up with her parents, and grandparents. Discussed farm life, growing up, living in Florida during World War 2, and her parents moving to San Antonio.

Interview with Grandpa

Talked about what life was like when he was younger.

Dancing in the Sky: Remembering Dolores Meurer Reed, WASP

Dolores Meurer Reed broke all the “rules” about what a woman could do and be when she joined the Women’s Air Service Pilots (WASPs) in 1943. Just one year before her death, Dolores and her sister WASPs, received the Congressional...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My neighbor Mr. Koehler shared with me the story of his childhood and his life growing up. He shared his proudest moments and happiest times. He told the story of his father and brother in the armed forces and how...

Richard Weaver and Samantha Weaver

Richard Weaver (75) and daughter, Samantha Weaver (46), elaborates on his experience with the Navy, fatherhood, and his love of poetry. He reflects on his childhood, being in Southeast Asia, and how life was as a physician in the Navy.

Interview with my Poppi, Theodore Krzminski

On November 25, 2018 in Pocantico Hills, New York (in the house that I live in now and the house that my mom's family lived in before) I interviewed my maternal grandfather, my Poppia, Iand rned new things about him.

Grandpa and me

I recorded my grandpa he his wise man and he shows me a lot in life