From Civil War to the American Dream: My Father's Life Story

Isabella Kedikian (16) talks with her father, Roland Kedikian (53), about his life in Lebanon during the civil war and how he adjusted to life in the US after immigration. He later went on to achieve an education in aerospace...

"I’m more of a painter in music than a musician" – Alan Semerdjian

Mara Jill Herman (Astoria) interviews Alan Semerdjian (Long Island) who makes meaning of his life through art. They discuss family influence, Armenian heritage, dialectic thinking, writing, music, and the art of educating.

A little bit of my Armenian family

Kristine Avasapian, mother of the interviewer talks about her family heritage and culture. She gives us in debt insight on the history and traditions of Armenians and what Armenians have gone through with a personal touch.

Danielle Parnagian and Armen Bacon

Danielle Parnagian (40) talks with her mother, Armen Bacon (68), about her memories of childhood and spending time with her grandmother, and reflects on the importance of community, family and friendship in her own life.

Unplanned Immigration

“We had to flee. We didn’t plan it, just in a matter of two hours we were out of the country.” My name is Puzant Kiwanian and I am 15 years old. The story you will hear in this recording...

Armenian Genocide

A brief history of my grandmas life.

A Conversation with Val

We talked about Val's career background, her path, experience in the US.