A Tale of a Beloved Great-Grandmother

In this interview, I(13) am interviewing Esther Ang(77), my grandma on November 23, 2018. We are talking about her mother, and her accomplishments in her life before she died at the age of 101. Esther shares stories of how her...

November 25, 2018 App Interview
Uma Bhandary describes what it was like growing up in India

In this interview, conducted November 25, 2018 in Dallas Texas, Saira Shetty interviews her grandma Uma Bhandary. Uma recounts what life was like growing up in South India during the mid 20th century. She shares stories about her childhood and...

Vicente Alcid’s Daughter Rosemary Alcid Chaiser on Winning the lottery!

Angelique Chaiser Thomas interviews her mom, Rosemary Alcid Chaiser about how Rosemary’s Dad won the National Lottery (know as “sweepstakes”) in the Philippines. A man of deep faith- he had escaped beheading by the Japanese years prior. Rosemary describes both...

Interview with Shweta S

Shweta struggled with following her own path within her family while living in India. Now she is happily married in the US attending radiology school following her own path

An Honorable Pakistani-American Engineer Life

Basically, I interview my 50 year old father who had travelled to America from Pakistan through striving for success and excelling in academics in Pakistan attending the top Engineering school there. He gives important lessons on how one can achieve...

My Pops~accomplishments, lessons and blessings.

The first to leave his native land of India. Pops speaks of his challenges and accomplishments in a new land, the arranged marriage that led him to the woman of his dreams, and what he is most grateful for.

A long way down memory lane.

In this interview conducted by Risha Sur (15) in November of 2017 in Austin, Texas, Shyam Sen (72) and Srilekha Sen (69) tell a hilarious story about the first time they met which happened to be during their wedding. Shyam...

The only thing guaranteed is change.

This interview is private.

My religious experience

This interview is private.