The Luc Interview

Jude “Yeszo” interviews friend and partner in crime Lukasz “Luc” about memories, regrets, and who the best rapper alive is.

Keith Christenson, Part 1

Keith Christenson interviewed by Mike Alewitz on February 13, 2023. Keith explains his development as an artist, designer and his artwork that led to the show about the Teamsters strike of 1934 and involvement of Native Americans. 

Mark Alvarado and Rus Bradburd

Friends Mark Alvarado (59) and Rus Bradburd (63) talk about Basketball in the Barrio. They also talk about El Paso, Texas, and the connection between art and basketball.

T-Shirt Printing Dubai

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Jim Batchelder and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Jim Batchelder, with thirteen generations in Massachusetts, recollects his life growing up in Andover. After becoming a beloved art teacher for many years, and working closely with the Andover Center for History and Culture to...

Jenny Sanders 2022

I interviewed my grandma, Jenny Sanders. In this interview we talked about her early childhood, teenage events, and later lifetime events.

Beyond the Block Ep.1 – 6200 Bexar St.

My hometown of South Dallas serves as the basis for my work as an artist. Every location I chose to depict "what it's like to live in the hood" is connected to a friend or family member I questioned about local...