My amazing twin sister

Agasne Bragado is a 17 year old who lives for the arts, also my twin sister. She is who I would call the smart twin, always pursuing better grades and academics. Ever since she was little she was into art,...

Barbi Fisher with Joseph William Eyles

Barbi Fisher discusses: her experiences growing up in Albany, GA and attending Dougherty County schools; her 31 years as a classroom teacher in three Dougherty County high schools; and her current work preparing teachers for the classroom.

Talk about art accessibility with Christopher and Helen Bowling

Father, Christopher Bowling (41), and daughter, Helen Bowling (19), talk about the accessibility of art and what Christopher's experience with sketching and writing was like and what financial, social, mental, and systemic barriers he faced.

Trinity Episcopal School One Small Step – 04-05-2024

Trinity faculty member Amy Chaplin and junior Elizabeth Ray explore their interests in art and music.

Steve Desroches and Jay Critchley

Steve Desroches (49) talks to artist Jay Critchley (77) about how he turned an old cesspool on his property in Provincetown, Massachusetts into a performance space known as the Theater in the Ground.

Jonathan Schmitz and E. Arnn

Friends Jonathan Schmitz (68) and E. "Ted" Arnn (77) share what led them to Chautauqua Institution, and what they love most about the place. They also describe their collaboration on preserving family and Chautauqua history and offer advice to new...

Lucretia Cushman Peterson

Lucretia talks about growing up in Kansas, her family, and the importance of loving and accepting others regardless of race or religion.

Sue Lockwood and Jany Avalos

Retired educator Sue and current GRCC employee Jany reflect on Sue's career and retirement, exploring the profound impact of her teaching on both individuals and the community. They discuss Sue's journey, highlighting the lasting legacy she leaves behind through her...