Ebony Tolbert and Janna Divito

Ebony Tolbert (43) talks to her co-worker Janna Divito (44) about their work at Gift of Hope and how it has impacted their life and families.

Greg Soumokil & Shane Bassett

Eight months ago Greg needed a heart transplant immediately or he was going to die. They didn't have one available for him and had to give him an artificial heart. One month ago, he got a permanent heart. His road...

Greg Soumokil & Shane Bassett

Greg shares with Shane, his physical therapist, the events that led up to him getting an artificial heart and what life is like for him as he waits for a donor heart. Greg is one of only 28 people living...

David Milton & Lori Chapa

David shares his heart transplant story with the mother of his donor, Lorenzo. They talk about Lorenzo and how many of the things he loved David now has an affinity for too.

Susan Roberts and Douglas Roberts

Susan Roberts (66) speaks with her husband Douglas Roberts (71) about their serious illnesses, navigating their care and the lessons learned from this experience.

Miguel Solis and Corbett Smith

Friends Miguel Solis (33) and Corbett Smith (43) talk about how they met their wives, how Corbett became a journalist, and Miguel's child's heart transplant.

Peggy Morris and Kevin Morris

Kevin Morris (38) interviews his mother, Peggy Morris (68), about her experiences being a heart transplant recipient.

Tiki Finlayson and Dixie Bell

Dixie René Bell (65) speaks with her daughter Tiki Finlayson (50) about her son Kevin who was killed by a drunk driver. They remember his life, his warmth and his legacy as an organ donor.